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Portfolio Heat: Know Your Exposure

Portfolio heat is a crucial concept in obtaining trading longevity. Every successful trader knows what there portfolio heat is. Amateur traders often ignore this tactic and pay a tremendous price for it.

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Understanding Futures Trading

The practice of trading commodities is known as futures trading. Experience combined with patience can make such a transaction very lucrative. It involves the trading of tangible items, like silver, gold, oil or even crops. This practice is based on your ability to predict the future price of a commodity. Companies and individuals alike make investments in futures trading. The wisest way to begin futures trading is to set your financial goals and conduct a well-planned research, before you get into it. Consider hiring a professional broker because even though it may be initially expensive, the expertise of the broker will help you to avoid the common novice mistakes.

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How to use options to replace stocks or futures for massive profits and less risk.

Options trading strategies are being used widely by traders and investors. This article describe how to use options to replace stocks or futures. It also describe options trading strategies that uses stock options and futures options. Option trading strategies included in this article are call options, bull call spread, call ratio backspread, put options, bear put spread and put ratio backspread.

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